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"I have more confidence in General McClellan than in any man alive."
(George A. Custer, 1862)

"McClellan is naturally a superior man,"
"I know of no one competent unless it be McClellan..."
(MG William T. Sherman, 1861)

"McClellan was too good a man to command an army in this country."
(MG Joe Hooker, December 28, 1863)

"There is nothing too good that I can say of General McClellan. He was a man and a thorough soldier."
(MG Winfield S. Hancock, 1885)

"I believe he was, both as a military man and as a manager of a country under military occupation, the greatest general this war has produced."
(Theodore Lyman, Meade's ADC, writing at Cold Harbor, 1864)

"...there are strong grounds for believing that he was the best commander the Army of the Potomac ever had."
(BG Francis W. Palfrey, historian and veteran, 1882)

"...they believed in him, and so did I."
(Nathaniel Hawthorne on the Army and McClellan, 1862)

"The one-armed lift the wine to you, McClellan / And great Antietam's cheers renew."
(Herman Melville, 1862, "The Victor of Antietam")

"Bear in mind that you are in the country of friends, not enemies; that you are here to protect, not destroy. Your enemies have violated every moral law - neither God nor man can sustain them. You will pursue a different course. You will be honest, brave and merciful..." - McClellan's Orders in Western Virginia, 6/23/61

"At an hour of agonizing peril, McClellan saved Washington and the Union cause."
(J.G. Randall, Lincoln the President)

"...McClellan's superb army could have taken Richmond regardless of Lee. Indeed, with an undivided command, McClellan could have forced the evacuation of the city before Lee assumed command."
(Clifford Dowdey, The Seven Days)

"Had McClellan's brilliant strategy been fully implemented, it would have ended the Civil War in 1862, as intended."
(Rowena Reed, Combined Operations in the Civil War)

"The decimation of McClellan's army which the Committee and Stanton had contrived touched off a storm which wrecked Lincoln's hopes for a coalition government, undefiled by partisan motives, to prosecute the war."
(T. Harry Williams, Lincoln and the Radicals)

"His removal was a wrong done to the Union Army, which never gave its love to any other leader." (Winston S. Churchill, A History of the English Speaking Peoples)


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