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George Brinton McClellan was born in Philadelphia on December 3, 1826. His father George founded Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia and his son George served as mayor of New York City and arranged for the creation of Times Square. McClellan married into the Marcy family of Philadelphia.

Mac rendered by strangers at the London Illustrated NewsHe was General-in-Chief of Union Armies after Winfield Scott retired. He was commander of the Army of the Potomac and twice named commander of Washington defences. He attempted to prevent Kentucky's defection to the CSA through negotiation and he liberated what is now called West Virginia. He innovated more extensively than any general since Washington and many of his innovations remain in force.

He ran for president against Lincoln in 1864 and served as governor of New Jersey starting in 1878. He died October 29, 1885, and is buried with the Marcys in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton.

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