Part 1: FACs

A collection of FREQUENTLY ASSERTED CLAIMS (FACs), which may sound like "facts" but are easily rebutted with facts.

No. 1. Of all the Civil War generals, McClellan was singularly lucky to obtain his enemy's orders in the midst of a campaign.

No. 2. McClellan failed to promptly issue march/combat orders capitalizing on the discovery of Lee's Special Order 191. (Under revision in light of new documentary evidence (2004).

No. 3. In development.

No. 4. Lincoln restored McClellan to command of the Army of the Potomac after Second Manassas (Bull Run II).

No. 5. For personal reasons, especially ambition, McClellan worked to remove Winfield Scott as general-in-chief.

The well of controversy being deep, this list will grow.

Part 2: TOPICS

The Peninsula Campaign: A Backgrounder. A chronology that highlights the water torture inflicted upon McClellan before and during the Peninsula campaign (up to the capture of Yorktown).

The Randall Index. Historian J.G. Randall's parody of McClellan critics offers a yardstick for the measurement of McClellan abuse.

Major Author, Minor Error. Simple yet embarassing errors of fact in the most beloved CW and McClellan books. Organized by author.

History's Red Light District. The spotlight is on famous CW historians caught in the act of off-limits professional practices. Based on D.H. Fischer's standard study, Historian's Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought. Forthcoming.

McClellan Historiography. An interview with Thomas J. Rowland, author of George B. McClellan and Civil War History

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