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Is Scissor Lift Training Required?


To operate scissor lifts safely, you need to have proper training. OSHA requires that mobile equipment undergo periodic safety inspections, and this is one way to ensure the safety of your staff and reduce the risk of equipment failure. Certification of scissor lift equipment has many benefits and is an easy process, and most training facilities include the required equipment and require that a team member stays at the facility for at least one day to ensure that all members are properly trained.

OSHA regulations

If you're in the construction industry, you'll want to know the OSHA regulations for scissor lifts. These regulations cover both the use and maintenance of this mobile equipment. OSHA has published resources to help you understand the rules and regulations that apply to these products. There are also ANSI requirements for these machines. The ANSI A92.3-2006 standard covers self-propelled and manually propelled elevating air platforms.

OSHA requirements for scissor lift training require that operators understand the safety guidelines and practices of the machinery. OSHA requires that these operators complete hands-on training and formal instruction. Once they've completed the course, they need to undergo regular evaluations to renew their certifications. To make this easier, CMO offers free three-year renewal training. OSHA requires scissor lift operators to re-certify every three years.

Safety equipment

When operating a scissor lift, the operator must be aware of the surroundings and identify any hazards. During the operation, operators must be trained in the correct positioning of the scissor lift. While operating a scissor lift, operators should take caution to avoid injuries due to positioning accidents. They should clear the work site of other workers and vehicles, and should be aware of stationary objects. Traffic control is also necessary for scissor lift operations.

The use of personal protective equipment is required by law. During use of aerial/scissor lifts, workers must wear their safety equipment, adhere to safe work practices, and understand the manufacturer's instructions. Operators should also be certified in the operation of the scissor lift, and must wear the proper safety equipment. The manufacturer should provide an operating manual for the scissor lift, which must be located on the equipment.

Training requirements

Before using a scissor lift, operators should have a thorough understanding of safety procedures and equipment. These inspections can be performed daily and before the vehicle is used. For multiple operators, it is recommended that operators perform daily inspections. The scissor lift should be inspected by a licensed mechanic annually, or by a mobile mechanic service. A qualified mechanic will provide training, or certify the equipment.

When choosing a certification course for an aerial lift, make sure it covers safety concerns. This will help to minimize risks associated with operating these lifts, such as the potential for injuries or property damage. Additionally, certification will help employers meet OSHA standards and reduce the risk of workplace accidents. The certification course should cover these safety concerns, among others. Aside from providing a Certificate of Completion, an aerial lift training course should also cover other aspects of workplace safety and provide the building blocks for safety-minded activity.

Requirements for renewal

To keep your certification current, you should attend a refresher training course every three years. Most licenses allow for three-year renewals, but some jurisdictions require annual refresher courses. Whether you're a first-time operator or someone who's been using scissor lifts for years, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date with the latest equipment. To renew your scissor lift license, follow these steps:

As a business owner, you should also keep up-to-date with regulations and industry standards. This includes the changes in aerial lift designs, rules for job sites, and terminology. The most recent changes to the standards came into effect in December 2018.

You should always conduct a regular inspection of the mobile equipment you use. This ensures the safety of your employees and reduces the chances of a malfunction. Requirements for scissor car lift training renewal are relatively simple and can take as little as one or two hours. You should have at least one member of your team stay with the instructor throughout the training, and the instructor will use appropriate equipment.

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